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Sahyadree SoftTech

My Time at Sahyadree SoftTech "A Multifaceted Journey"

Sahyadree SoftTech was a Software Development and Digital Marketing Company Specializing in Providing Comprehensive Solutions to Meet the Unique Digital Needs of their Clients.

My Journey at Sahyadree SoftTech was about Embracing Diverse Responsibilities and Making a Significant Impact in Various Aspects of the Business. It was a Period of Growth, Learning, and Achievement. 

AI Integration & Creativity

Whether SEO or Website Development I know to use AI for ultimate quality work. The company's official website I created with the help of AI to generate Custome CSS and Animation.  The combination and my creativity create remarkable results. 

Company Official Website Designed & Developed by me

Google Analytics (GA4)

Google Analytics helps to understand the customer journey and improve marketing ROI. Analytics helps us understand how people use our sites so we can take action to improve their experience. In Sahyadree SoftTech I used to take an overview of Google Analytics which helps me to analyze the customer Journey.

Campaign Analysis and Key Observations

Analyzing ad campaign performance allows us to assess how well our ads are performing in terms of key metrics such as impressions, clicks, conversions, and return on investment (ROI). By understanding the effectiveness of campaigns, we can make data-driven decisions to optimize and improve future campaigns.

Ad Creative for Facebook Ads

An Executive, Worked like a Manager!

During my tenure at Sahyadree SoftTech, I embarked on a remarkable journey from a Digital Marketing Executive to a multifaceted Manager. I not only led digital marketing efforts but also took on a myriad of responsibilities that spanned the entire organization.

Work Flow Charts for Roles

Turning WhatsApp Chats into Sales

At Sahyadree SoftTech, I drove WhatsApp marketing campaigns. I led creative and budget-friendly WhatsApp campaigns for festive offers, delivering impressive results without any cost. With a good grasp of this platform, I know how to engage people effectively, boost sales, and increase brand visibility.

WhatsApp Marketing Campaign

From Keywords to Conversions: My SEO Journey

I excel in SEO. During my time at Sahyadree SoftTech, I took charge of On-Page SEO, managing the entire process from meticulous keyword research to seamlessly integrating those keywords into web content. I believe in the power of organic, natural keyword placement to drive traffic and enhance the user experience. With a proven track record of optimizing web pages, I ensure the website not only ranks well but also offers a fantastic user experience.

Personalized Website for Targeting Spa Centers

Morya Enterprice - A Solar Panel Service Provider

Food Delivey Website

A One Page Website for Lead Generation from Google Ads 

Featured Work

Branding through Pixels